The Rebate System

by FocalCXM

What is The Rebate System?

Reward System

The Rebate System is a complete customer loyalty reward application that empowers business to offer customers incentives in the form of rebates and discounts directly from the worlds most popular CRM, Salesforce.

Seamless Collaboration

The Rebate System seamlessly connects your sales representatives with your back-office staff to turn around fully customizable rebate and or discount offerings.

Powerful Calculations

The Rebate System uses historical or projected sales figures to calculate incentives that can be paid to your customers at the frequency that you control.

How Does It Work

The Rebate System incorporates two powerful platforms to deliver a fast and accurate calculations, OpenRules©, AWS© and Salesforce© combine to create a seamless experience for users and administrator alike.

Sales representatives and managers can quote, approve and renew contracts directly from their Salesforce CRM to create the basis for the customers loyalty incentives.

The contracts are the basis for the rebate calculations that our powerful OpenRules configuration deliver. The offerings are fully customizable and allow you to tailor your loyalty rewards according to your marketing strategy.


Native integration with Salesforce

Customizable rebate solutions for multiple business units

High complexity rules engine with powerful logic features

Conditional calculations, e.g. buy more get more, tiered based

Real time approval of rebate proposals

Integration with Salesforce Marketing for Statements and Invoices

Generation of PDF contracts

Customizable user groups

Rebate contract approval workflow

Rebate payment approval workflow

Audit features

Integration with finance systems such as SAP

Calculation simulation prior to actual run

Hierarchical calculations, parent and child sales

Shareable rules and calculations

Multi currency calculations


Accurate financial calculations

Empower sales representatives with preapproved rebate offerings

Easily auditable calculations and payments

Plan and budget customer rewards

Automated customer communications

Flexible approval workflows


FocalCXM is a Salesforce certified partner and given that this solution was meant to bridge the field with the back-office staff, this was the perfect platform. Our client was adamant in keeping a 360-degree view of the customer and working on Salesforce meant that this was very achievable.

The OpenRules engine was engineered to reside securely within our clients firewall where all data is kept secure. This allows FocalCXM to integrate our client’s other critical systems to deliver an end-to-end solution, while still using core systems that were already in place. This meant a reduction in implementation costs and improving the ROI on this solution.

Our client has since deployed this solution in six countries across the globe and the intention is to replace other redundant localized rebate systems.

Use Case

Our client wanted to upgrade its existing ageing rebate system with one which would enable accuracy, transparency and the ability to cope with a greater deal of complexity.

Vetinerary Animal Health

The animal health industry is very competitive and the payment of rebates for products purchased is almost standard in most countries around the globe. Typically the rebates are paid to the end customer (pet retail and veterinary clinics), by targeting the end customer, our client intended to build loyalty with the retail channel instead of relying on the very competitive wholesale channel to push their products the end customer instead of the competitors.

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